New Channels Presentation on Home Page

Posted by shachat On July 27, 2013 4 COMMENTS

Starting today, and since our aim is to provide more exposure to all ShaChat members, Channel listings on the homepage will be as follows:


1. Live channels will always be on top of all other channels.

2. Channels that just went offline will now show in their own row under the Live Channels labeled “Just Offline”

3. Popular Channels will then follow in their own row.

4. Finally, the most recently created channels are shown.

From this new assortment we aim to provide exposure to all types on channels on the site. Even recently created channels will have a chance to be on the home page for some time.

Clicking on the “More” link under each category will direct you to a complete list of that category. For example, clicking on the “More” in “Just Offline” row will direct you to a list to all Channel sorted by their last seen Live status. The same for the “Popular Channels” and “New Channels”.

Please stay tuned for more updates to the site structure as they come by soon!

  • Adam Davis

    … it..Like it @ShaChatCams .. ..pleeze..rate..and..follow…we iz..#worldwide….

    • Adam Davis


  • Rick Edwards

    Keep doing great things here!! I really love Shachat and think it will be the next best site to how BlogTV was!! :)

    • Mark Scott

      Thank you so much Rich. We at ShaChat appreciate your feedback and we hope the site will be up to your expectations and make it to the new BlogTV. New features will be added soon and will remain be added…. a new chat channel is coming very soon… stay tuned :)